Dating and #Tracking

1 year chatting on

1 month agreeing where to meet

1 week figuring out what to wear (shall I wear any of my Maison Libertine stuff?)

5 hours, cleaning, shaving, polishing, moisturising, hair brushing, flossing

2 hours applying make up

1 hours deciding to not wear what I had taken a week to plan (and actually yes he might be worth my Maison Libertine Regina design)

1 hour in the tube to get to a restaurant that I realise in 2 minutes seemed cheap

1 hour to chat and decide that yes, he was nice enough that I would end up at his place

10 minutes to actually go from the cheap restaurant to his place!

5 minutes for small chat

5 minutes to undo all the above (including 4 minutes unhooking the bra)

5 more minutes until HE comes, 10 more minutes to finish myself

1 hours waiting for a Uber home


John, if you read me, learn to count to 60!

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