Behind the brand

It started with a random chat amongst two women at the hairdresser, strangers socialising around hair styles.

Turned out that Elisabetta experimented with lingerie making in her spare time and was passionate about lingerie, when Lisa experimented with entrepreneurship but wanted to create a brand from scratch.

We felt a sparkle and met again.

We started designing pretty, everyday lingerie, comfortable to wear, but it wasn’t good enough. It felt plain, and plain isn’t us, safe is not us, every day is unique and like every woman, we have unique character and style!

So we went back to drawing board, how about a kinky chic brand which would mix lingerie and sophisticated body jewellery, that could be worn outer and under wear? 

So we created Maison Libertine, beautiful body adornments made to beautify women of any shape or form. 

Wear it in or wear it out, but make a statement.

Feel your power in Maison Libertine, and tell us about it!