Dating the #lingerieobsessed

True obsession is when a certain idea or thought continuously fills your mind. And isn't that what we pursue whilst dating? The constant pursuit of someone who captures our thoughts and brings us happiness. Of course, this pursuit should be done in a healthy way, with someone who feels the same way about us. After all, finding a special connection is the ultimate goal in matters of love. But if dating is about intoxicating each other, what better tool to use than lingerie?

At Maison Libertine, we truly believe that lingerie boosts confidence and sexiness, and is a way to express oneself. So, let's explore body language and the signals that men show when they're fascinated by luxurious underwear.

On a date, the man's eyes desire more, quick to observe and evaluate. Upon meeting, they scan you from head to toe, lingering when you draw nearer. Removing the first layer reveals their focus on your movements. They dart towards unseen areas, assessing your shape and size. First glance reveals your height, while they gauge your intelligence, eyes, and emotional responses.

Wearing see-through, or showing some bits of lingerie creates different reactions:

  • Shy men avoid looking, feeling socially unbearable.

  • "Normal" men repeatedly shift their gaze between the lingerie and your face, creating excitement in their minds.

  • Confident men openly appreciate the lingerie, complimenting without (always) being inappropriate.

The lingerie obsessive man, wether he is shy, 'normal', or confident, will endlessly ponder and analyze every aspect of the detected lingerie. He will obsessively think about it all night, constantly questioning the shape, the feel, and the material. His mind will race with thoughts of how it will feel in his hands, how it will glide against your skin, and how long it will take to unhook, if it is even equipped with a hook. He will eagerly extrapolate every single intricate detail and exquisite element of the garment that you graciously allow him to behold, transforming it into an extraordinary and captivating journey that brims with anticipation and allure.

In the past, during the 1990s and 2010s, it was expected to conceal bra straps and make sure they matched the clothing like t-shirts or tops with thin straps. I would purchase these sticky bras without straps and a hook at the back, but they would often slip down my stomach. I also bought adhesive bras online, but they went to the bin immediately, unwearable. Until I started dating this confident guy who was really into lingerie. He would openly comment on and search for hidden straps, but then he was so eager to see me naked that he would actually never ever see anything. I liked him and it was infuriating, I would spend money and time buying the sexiest stuff that he would never see.

One day, I made a sarcastic comment about a girl wearing pink straps under a black dress (as if I was the fashion police). He looked surprised and said, "At least she gives a little bit of herself!" Seeing my confused expression, he decided to explain: ‘Lingerie is like secrets, I like secrets and I like you, I want to share all your secrets. So every time I meet you, I look for a piece of clothe that is secret to you, so I can then build up a story about all the secrets you will share with me later. But you never let me in! It’s like all your secrets are hidden and I can’t ever be in. If I didn’t know you I would say that this woman is more generous and more adventurous than you. Why don’t you tease me more, and who cares if the strap doesn’t match, it makes me even more excited!’

Lesson learnt. Jordan, if you read me, buy some Maison Libertine for your wife!

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