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Some dating stories from Maison Libertine

At Maison Libertine, we have a deep appreciation for men and the unique connections we share with them. Love is a complex journey, and sometimes it takes time to find that special someone who loves us back with the same intensity. Until then, we encounter a variety of men throughout the challenging yet cherished dating process. Dating is a rollercoaster of emotions - it can bring us happiness one moment, sadness the next, and even break our hearts, only to mend them and break them again. However, one thing is certain - dating is never boring. Off course dating is gender fluid, but we need to start somewhere.

In this blog, we would like to share Maison Libertine's collection of women's dating stories (with men to start with).

Men, though each one different, often exhibit similar behavioral patterns and are an endless source of inspiration for lingerie. They have different ways of showing their affection - sometimes they fall in love with our body and soul, while other times they focus solely on our physicality. Some cherish a particular body part, like our mesmerizing hair or captivating eyes, while others adore the curves of our boobs and butts. Some become infatuated with our scent, others with our taste, and yet some are drawn to our looks and wit.

But let's not forget that most of the time, they have an obsession with our underwear! We invest a considerable amount of money and energy to find the perfect lingerie, but how long do they actually stay on? Have you ever calculated the cost per minute of lingerie worn? It’s very high, but trust us, it's worth it!

Men often define themselves by their intellect, muscles, appearance, car, job, and wallet. They sometimes forget that women, too, possess all these qualities (and ‘things’).

So, gentlemen, thank you for all the funny and memorable stories that we can now share. In this blog, you will read hilarious dating anecdotes filled with clichés. But don't misunderstand us - we genuinely adore men and appreciate the joy they bring into our lives.

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